Express Your Story

  A Therapeutic Tool

 Inspire expression, self-awareness and growth. 

Express yourself using images, art and words....

  Why  Express Your Story?



Why should  we  try to connect with ourselves? Why attempt to express or understand our feelings? Why would anyone want to explore their pain? Isn't it easier to tuck it away, pretend it doesnt exist and just move on? 


The problem is that the impact of painful or traumatic experiences don't just go away.  Unresolved pain, past traumas and old ways of coping and thinking can negatively influence our current choices, relationships and overall quality of life. 

Identifying and expressing  pain can be a freeing, cathartic expereince.  Exploring your beliefs and feelings can help you to feel more self-aware and more in control of your life. The  more personal  awareness you have, the greater potential you  will have to heal and move forward.

Created by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Express Your Story was designed to inspire and facilitate a process of self-discovery with the goal of self-growth.  With the help of a compassionate, non-judgemental therapist, clients can feel validated and learn new ways of coping.


With Express Your Story, creative  representations are truly endless and unique to each person.  There are countless ways that one can represent thier childhood, family, marriage, relationships, school, goals, traumatic experiences, or wishes/desires using various images, words and fantasy symbols.

Express Your Story can be used as a tool for individual, family or group therapy.    For ages 12+.


EXPRESS YOUR STORY package contents: magnetic silouettes, visual squares, symbolic items and dry erase writing/coloring tools. 

 The Self-Connect Package 

Includes 18" W x 12" H magnetic, dry erase board two-sided table top easel. 

         For individuals and Groups.


Therapist lays out dry erase pieces and the themed printed squares (107) that clients can choose from to represent their feelings, experiences or thoughts. This act of choosing is empowering and allows for both verbal and nonverbal expression.


Draw on dry erase peices to tell your unique story.


Place dry erase figures and themed squares in various locations on the board to tell your story.

Use fantasy figurines, I feel statements and containment pieces (fence) for additional depth, expression and comfort.

How does it help?



         1. Selecting  and manipulating the                                   smaller squares and figurines                                          can help clients feel more powerful.                        

         2. Touching the squares, silouettes                                   and  board  are all sensory                                                expreinces  that can help one feel

              grounded and present in thier bodies.                                            

        3. Creating images about ones life                                     inspires interaction, engagement                                 and  reflection.   


​          4. Interacting with interesting,                                            validating images can maintain                                     a clients motivation through the                                   healing process.


1. Fantasy figurines can be used                                          to express feelings or wishes                                          that may otherwise feel too

    difficult to discuss in"real life." 



2. Using metaphor to process                                              feelings can feel safer and less 

    intense than directly talking about                                an expereince or feeling. 



1. Art allows client to externalize their pain,  put it 

    outside of themselves, where it can be reframed and            objectively looked at. 

3. Making art is soothing. Creating art while exploring              painful material helps make the process more                         tolerable.                       


4. Telling stories and processing experiences                                 using a visual platform can help one develop insight             about cognitive distortions and faulty beliefs. 


1. Utilizing both non-verbal and verbal expression      tools can help clients express a much fuller              spectrum of thier experiences. 

2. Creating art is a non-linear, gradual, open                  ended exploratory act of discovery that is done      at the client's own pace. 

3. Non-verbal expression can be used by clients        with limited coginitive abilities and varid                    developmental levels with better access,                  clarity and understanding. 


                             1.   Utilizing both non-verbal and verbal expression tools  can help 

                               client's express a much fuller  spectrum of thier experiences. 


                                           2.  Creating art is a non-linear, gradual, open-ended, exploratory                                                               act of  discovery that is done at ones own pace.


3.  Non-verbal expression can be used by clients 

                         with  limited cognitive abilities and varied developmental

              levels withbetter access, clarity and understanding. 

"I created  Express Your Story to help others heal in an  empowering and engaging way. I  worked as a social worker and later therapist with various populations over a span of 15 years.  Through it all, I have come to realize that talk therapy is but one way to heal and process pain.  As a self-taught artist, I  have always drawn and written to express my feelings and that process has served me well. There is something empowering about capturing my pain as an image that I can then decode, interact with and try to understand from various angles.  Having access to an image that tells my  unique story also serves  to validate my expereince.  When people have the opportunity to  creatively  tell thier story  through metaphor, images and words, they are able  gain more clarity, self-awareness  and ultimately grow.  Express Your Story was born out of my desire to provide a creative, expressive tool for mental health professionals  and thier cleints. "        Lesli Mitchell, LCSW

Self-awareness and self-growth are good. 

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