My Philosophy:

I beleive that our world could improve if we all got a chance to express our feelings and thoughts  where we felt  validated and seen. It is important for all of us to find out how we feel, what beleifs we hold that might be faulty or no longer useful.  No one wants to feel stuck. Honoring our feelings and figuring out healthier ways of  coping are good ways to get a un-stuck.  How will we  know where and how we're stuck  if we dont take a look? 


Pain is hard and feels very uncomfortable. Though hard to face, there are good things to come if you spend quality "emotion-time" with yourself. The gift that results is self-awareness and self-growth.  Just the act of sharing and expressing feelings with a compassionate witness can be cathartic and healing.


Using a creative tool like Express Your Story can make the process  of self-exploration  more engaging and less threatening.  Representing  life with images and art enables us to visually see how we feel, what we think and how we are coping. Being more aware of our patterns, feelings and thoughts  gives us an opportunity to learn new ways of thinking so that we can feel less stuck. 


Feeling empowered means different things to different people. For me, empowerment means understanding my emotions and thoughts, feeling capable of setting boundaries and making healthy choices. If I am more self-aware, more compassionate towards myself, I am less apt to use old ways of coping that  might be  destructive. It is so helpful to have clarity about where you have been, where you got hurt and how to heal the hurt so you can move forward.

About Lesli Mitchell, LCSW



I received my B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in Sociology  and my MSW from California State University Long Beach in 1997.  LCSW  #20928. 

Lesli grew up in Los Angeles, California in the Baldwin Hills area. She has  worked with foster youth, teens in group homes, women struggling with domestic violence, seniors,  those dealing with addiction and mental health, acute rehab, children/families, and as a clinical therapist for schools and hospitals.


Lesli has  used art as a healing tool throughout her life to process her own feelings and thoughts. Art is a different language, it  is not as linear  as "telling my story" verbally would be. Express Your Story was born out of Lesli's natural connection to art as a healing agent. 


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