Create visual sense of triggers in order to learn  how to identify feelings and alternate ways          of coping. House drawing can help client              identity stressors in the home, school or work.   

Color-code emotions so that  cients can gain insight into emotional state and how to cope better.                

Assess family functioning with visual, creative representation of the family and what each     

might be thinking. Can use Self-Connect for      family therapy as well.                                               

Explore  angry feelings and  accompanying        physical sensations in order establish                   behavior control, limit setting and awareness.  

Create your trauma narrative  visually and process feelings associated with it.   Creating   imagery of your trauma            narrative is a form of                exposure therapy.                      

Help client identify concerns, fears, and thoughts in    a  visual way. Helps release some of the sensory            components of trauma through art.                                  

Use fantasy figurines to tell          stories in a more removed way    that might feel less intense.         

Process feelings and thoughts  about boundaries and                  containment/punishment.        

Fantasy work to wish or to      address issues too painful to process in real life.                    

Showcase family divisions and    separations through art and jail  peices.                                                  

How do I want my life to look? and how can I get there?           


What I would like to say to my            family member, boss, freind, etc...